RGS Fenders


RG Seasight Fenders are mainly known for superior bow fenders, but we are more than that. We make complete solutions for the whole vessel from bow to stern, adjusting every fender and fender type to the individual vessel and its working conditions. Amongst others we provide several options for corner and side fenders which can all be made from anything from rubber to lightweight foam filled Polyurethane. This way we can keep the weight down without compromising the usability of the fender.

RG Seasight Fenders ensure the most days at sea, as the bow fenders are made from hot vulcanized quality rubber for maritime use which makes them highly resilient to effects from the ocean water, ozone and ultraviolet sun rays. This means that the fenders in spite of harsh conditions have a long durability. Moreover the rubber generates an incredibly high friction; greater than most other fenders in the market.

The rubber fenders also provide the possibility of repairing or modifying the fender. As all boat landings aren’t the same, we have made our fenders easy to modify. That way the crew transferring vessel can be transformed from one wind farm to another in short time without the need for buying a new fender.

At last but not least it is crucial that the fender fits perfectly to the vessel to secure the best performance. To achieve this we offer to visit our customers for a day or two to see the vessel in action and to identify the working conditions which give the basis for a complete solution.

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