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RG Seasight Fenders were founded in 2010 by the two Danish companies RG Rom Gummi, a rubber company, and the shipyard Hvide Sande Shipyard.

In 2008 the first fenders were developed in a close cooperation between the two companies. The cooperation facilitated the later establishment of RG Seasight Fenders which today is the national and international leading supplier of rubber fenders to crew transferring vessels for the offshore industry.

The two companies brought such a broad variety of competences into RG Seasight Fenders that the company has more knowledge about manufacturing hot vulcanized rubber fenders than any other company in the market.

Hvide Sande Shipyard have built and repaired different types of vessels for more than three generations including crew transferring vessels resulting in an extensive know-how. Whilst RG Rom Gummi have more than 30 years of experience with rubber products for the fishing industry and are contributing with a purpose-made rubber of an unique quality suited for marine use.

RG Seasight Fenders produce both standard fender systems and custom made solutions. Regardless of type, all our solutions can be adjusted to the particular vessel. Furthermore, we are continuously developing our fender system’s ability to cope with rougher and rougher weather at sea without compromising the safety on board.

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