RGS Fenders


RG Seasight Fenders ensure fender systems with a high degree of safety as well as durability. We have developed all our fender systems during the years based on our ability to listen to the needs of the individual customer and to our continuously seeking to improve the fender systems.

Our fender systems have showed more than once, that they can operate in severe weather conditions. The fenders are constructed as a composite rubber structure, which ensures best possible suspension and gives minimal rebound on impact. As deliberate collisions often take place under extreme weather conditions, only optimal friction and correct suspension combined with the highest durability can ensure profitability of the fender system. Meaning; that the fender increases security at crew transfer and that it gives the opportunity to operate in a wider weather perspective.

To gain the most day at sea we have made our rubber fenders in a way that allows us to modify or rebuild them.

Some fender systems have become standard systems, but the main part consists of bespoke solutions. For further information please see the different fenders in the list to the left.

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