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Rubber fenders, beyond comparison

“What is the difference between rubber fenders and polyurethane fenders?”

With this newsletter, we will attempt to explain the difference between our rubber fenders and polyurethane fenders in general, as people often ask us to do so.

RGS Newsletter 092017




Obvious positivity in the offshore industry

Two new vessels and more to come reflect the positivity in the offshore industry. See our newsletter from June to learn more.


RGS Newsletter 062017




Expansion, two offshore exhibitions and much more

Take a look at the March issue of our newsletter to see what we are up to at the moment.


RGS Newsletter 032017




RG Seasight Fenders equips the entire fleet for Seacat Services

It is quite clear that Seacat Services prefers fenders from RG Seasight Fenders as the Danish fender company has equipped all 14 Seacat Services vessels.

Seacat Services manages and operates a fleet of multi-purpose offshore energy support vessels and is recognised in the offshore wind industry for focusing on passenger comfort and welfare, excellent performance and safety. These high standards also applies for their choice of fenders.

 - We ordered our first fender from RG Seasight Fenders in late 2012; we now have 14 vessels solely with their fenders. The thing that keep us repeatedly coming back for more fenders is without a doubt the marriage between impact absorption and friction, which is fantastic. This together with the easy swap out and industry leading durability equals a very happy customer, says Managing Director at Seacat Services Ian Baylis and continues,

- The durability of the fender is dependent on a number of things including vessel displacement, bollard push, scope of operations, and differences between sea states on different sites. We consider these fenders to last extremely well when these factors are taken into account, far better than any other solutions we have tried.

At RG Seasight Fenders, it was rapidly clear that the general rubber strength exceeds the length of usability, due to short charter periods at different wind farms or to wear of the outer layer. To fully exploit the potential of the fender they made it possible to have the fenders refurbished or modified.

- On the basis of 24hr operations on a demanding site we would expect to see these vessels conduct up to 1,500 transfers a month, visit multiple assets per day, and undergo rigorous abuse and the fender to last up to 12 months before needing refurbishment. We utilise the RG Seasight Fenders refurbishment and modification programme extensively. We find this an extremely effective way to deal with the adaptation of fenders to different boat landing configurations and finally yet importantly a cost effective solution to make the most of the asset, says Ian Baylis.

With more than 30 years of experience in the rubber business and the same with different kinds of offshore industries the employees at RG Seasight Fenders know that time and weather are crucial factors making flexibility and immediate service a focal point for RG Seasight Fenders.

- Very often plans change for our fleet; suddenly we will get an unexpected charter that requires a modification or a period of bad weather to facilitate a last minute fender change. We have found that these are the situations where RG Seasight Fenders excels as a supplier. There is a solid understanding of our operational challenges and a mind-set to get the job done, emphasizes Ian Baylis.



RG Seasight Fenders - in over half of the fleet

You now find our fenders on 250 vessels sailing mainly in Europe. However, you will also find more on our American adventure in the newsletter.

RGS Newsletter 122016




Meet RG Seasight Fenders in Hamburg at the WindEnergy exhibition

We will exhibit together with RG Rom Gummi; one of the two companies that founded RG Seasight Fenders. Get a short introduction of the two companies in the newsletter.

RGS Newsletter 092016





RG Seasight Fenders delivers fenders to the first crew transfer vessel ever in the U.S. servicing offshore wind turbines

During the construction of the first American wind farms offshore companies seek knowledge and experiences in Europe including the American shipyard Blount Boats, which collaborates with RG Seasight Fenders.


For the past ten years a number of offshore wind companies have been trying to construct wind farms off the coast of the United States. However, the first steel jacket foundation at a wind farm was not installed until the summer of 2015. This first offshore wind farm is located at Block Island and will be completed in summer 2016 by the American company Deepwater Wind. Throughout the process, other industries have been following the development closely e.g. Blount Boats, resulting in the delivery of the first crew transfer vessel for the Block Island wind farm.

- One of the reasons why we have chosen to enter the American market already at this stage, as the wind farm projects are at their very beginning, is our many years of experience and great know how. In that way we are able to contribute to a positive development. Furthermore, Blount Boats build their vessels under license from the British shipyard South Boats, which we already deliver our fenders to, making our cooperation with Blount Boats a matter of course, explains Jesper Berg Kristensen, Sales Manager at RG Seasight Fenders.

Every new beginning is exciting, and to build new relations in new markets is something very special. The terrific collaboration between Blount Boats and RG Seasight Fenders is primarily rooted in the culture and core values that the two companies share. Among other the two Danish companies behind RG Seasight Fenders, Hvide Sande Shipyard Steel and Service and RG Rom Gummi, are both second generation family run, which makes Blount Boats and RG Seasight Fenders a great match.

- Blount Boats is based on many of the same core values as RG Seasight Fenders, as they always strive to deliver the highest quality and provide long lasting products. Additionally, they always put the customer’s individual needs first by offering both standard and tailor made solutions. Together, we can create great results, as our companies are very similar culturally and attitudinally, states Jesper Berg Kristensen.

Learn more about Blount Boats and their first offshore wind farm adventure in the article Masters of Reinvention



RG Seasight Fenders presents a new webpage together with a new logo

Learn more in our newsletter.

RGS Newsletter 072015 




RG Seasight Fenders at SeaWork 2015

We always look forward to attending the SeaWork exhibition. This year was no exception, and the exhibition met our expectations as usual.

The atmosphere at SeaWork is brilliant as well as the location with the vessels right outside is perfect. This year with RG Seasight Fender systems on four out of four crew transferring vessels, we are quite overwhelmed.

Additionally, we highly appreciate the great attendance of interested participants leading to professional discussions. We learn each and every time we meet with you and hear about your experiences and your needs.

Thank you all for contributing to a successful and informative exhibition at SeaWork International 2015.



See what is happening with RG Seasight Fenders

We have launched two new fender types, and an offshore exhibition coming up – please take a closer look.


RGS Newsletter 062015




New Fender Systems by RG Seasight Fenders

Adaptability is a key word both to us and to our customers, while most wind farms have different boat landings. Different boat landings call for different fender systems.

Hybrid fender
We have been working on a softer bow fender during the winter. The fender’s main characteristics are that the fender is weighing less than a usual fender and that it provides a softer berthing. We have delivered this kind of fender to five customers already and expect more to follow. 

Removable nose

At the same time we have experienced a huge success with our fenders with removable noses. This fender type does it well for vessels, that frequently shift wind farm. The solution is both easy and quick as well as it provides you with two fenders in one.



New Year greetings from RG Seasight Fenders

Take a look at some of the new fender types we made in 2014 and maybe a glimpse of our reference list.

RGS Newsletter 012015




RG Seasight Fenders provides quality rubber fenders that can be renovated

To learn more please see the newsletter beneath. Additionally, you find information on the EWEA Offshore Exhibition in Frankfurt, a new business partner, and much more.

RGS Newsletter 112013




Thank you for a great Seawork 2013

See our newsletter to learn more about our experience at Seawork 2013 and to see a list of references.

RGS Newsletter 072013




Newsletter out now

We want to give you a glimpse of what we have been working on in 2012. Some of our new initiatives are foam filled side fenders made from polyurethane and single piece rubber fenders with different density.

RGS Newsletter 122012


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